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Classes are designed to follow in sequence, each lasting 6-8 weeks, depending on class size.

Introduction to Nosework: Your dog is introduced to boxes with food placed in it. Confidence, mental stimulation, desire to search and communicate to the handler are developing. It helps to build teamwork between the handler and dog. Your dog learns what a ‘party in the box’ is, and it is fun for both the handler and dog.

Introduction to various search venues: Continuing the searching, food hides are moved to a vehicle(s), interiors and exteriors, allowing the dog to continue learning new elements and how odor moves, while the handler is developing leash handling skills and how to interpret what the dog is communicating to them, regarding odor or scent.

Introduction to Odor: Returning to boxes, odor in a tin is added, paired with a high value treat (food or toys). Handlers continue learning leash handling skills and the value of paying their dog at source. (Interiors and Exterior searches may start after odor introduction).

Other classes (class length depends on skill sets of teams):

ORT (Odor Recognition Test) preparation: Teams have demonstrated increased skill sets, allowing them to prep for the ORT.
Trial Preparation: Teams have successfully completed an appropriate level ORT (Odor Recognition Test with Birch, Anise or Clove), demonstrated increased skill sets, complexity of searches and odors , and are preparing to enter a trial.

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